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Marie Matthews currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She received her B.A. from Smith College. After a 20-year career in technology, Marie is actively pursuing an art career.

Painting has been Marie's passion since she was very young. At three years old, Marie entered her first art show with "Rain," a painting of multicolored vertical stripes. When she initially saw her exhibit, Marie burst into tears. Upon being questioned by surrounding adults, she explained her work was hung upside down.

Carnegie Library Facade: Atlanta

Prominent Atlanta artist Ben Smith commented, "Marie has a sensitivity that can not be taught and she combines it with the discipline of knowing how to draw." Marie prefers to draw figures, working almost exclusively from live models. Marie appreciates how figure drawing requires the left-brain to focus on anatomy, form, and perspective while at the same time occupying the right-brain with capturing the expression and gesture of the model. Marie enjoys understanding and studying the structure of the human form. While representing the form accurately, Marie captures the expressiveness and individuality of the figure.

Marie applies solid draftsmanship and design fundamentals to expand her expressive possibilities. "The more intellectual tools I have at my disposal, the more freedom I have to create."

Although Marie loves doing watercolors involving the human form, plein air work -- especially her recent series in Oakland Cemetery -- is becoming an increasingly important part of her work. "Watercolor allows me to capture the spirit of the moment." She likes the challenge of watercolor - the discipline of having to get it right the first time.