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Title Year Medium
7th Ward Head Hunter 2008watercolor
After Zulu 2010watercolor
Alexander Young IV 2007watercolor
Annie - Monochrome Study 2010oil
Auburn Avenue Guys 2008watercolor
Bacchus Drummer 2009watercolor
Banjo Player 2009watercolor
Banjo Player II 2009watercolor
Baton Bob 2007watercolor
Bench Lady 2009watercolor
Beverly 2006watercolor
Bourbon Street Tourists 2007watercolor
Cafe du Monde 2009watercolor
Carnegie Library Facade: Atlanta 2007watercolor
Carriage Driver 2007watercolor
Carriage Driver with White Beard 2009watercolor
Chef at the Plantation Club at Reynolds 2006watercolor
Chef II 2007watercolor
Clubhouse at Reynolds Plantation 2006watercolor
Cook and Clown 2010watercolor
Cow Skull 2004watercolor
Crossing the Street in Little 5 Points 2005watercolor
Danita 2009graphite
Darien Warehouse 2007watercolor
David with a Red Baseball Cap 2005watercolor
David (Brown Paper) 2006watercolor and pencil
Edward 2005watercolor
Elbows 2009watercolor
Encaustic Angel - Oakland 2010encaustic
Exotic Dancer 2005watercolor
Female Redhead from the Back 2006watercolor and pencil
Female Statue - Oakland Cemetery 2010oil
Figure Study 2010watercolor
Figure Study on Tan Paper 2004watercolor, gouache, and pencil
Figure Study on Tan Paper 2005watercolor wash
Figure Study on Tan Paper #2 2004watercolor, gouache, and pencil
Figure Study with Hands 2007watercolor and gouache
French Market, New Orleans 2007watercolor
Garbage Man 2008watercolor
Garbage Man II 2010watercolor
Gestures #1 2005watercolor
Gestures #2 2004watercolor
Gestures #3 2004watercolor
Gestures #4 2006watercolor
Gestures #5 2006watercolor
Gold and Blue 2010acrylic
Golf Swing at Reynolds 2006watercolor
Goshen Creek Shoals 2006watercolor
Grandpa Elliot 2009watercolor
Gray and Red 2010acrylic
Greek Head Study 2010oil
Green Goddess 2005mixed media
Homeless in Little Five Points 2007watercolor
I'll Fly Away 2008watercolor
Indian Queen 2008watercolor
Inman Park Legs 2007watercolor
Inman Park Legs 2 2009watercolor
Irene 2010watercolor
Ironwork at St. Louis Cemetery 2007watercolor
Jesse 2004watercolor, gouache, and pencil
Jesse in Profile *2004watercolor and pencil
Jester 2007watercolor
Jewelrymaker 2007watercolor
Jimmy 2008oil
Lamp at Reynolds Plantation 2006watercolor
Landscape at Sunset 2004watercolor
Lundi Gras 2009watercolor
Lundi Gras II 2010watercolor
Mardi Gras Ducks 2009watercolor
Mardi Gras Float Maker 2007watercolor
Market in Little 5 Points 2007watercolor
Marty 2004wash drawing
Marty Reading 2006watercolor
Michael in a Cowboy Hat 2009watercolor
Michael Torso 2006watercolor and gouache
Michael with a Shirt 2006watercolor and gouache
Mickey in White 2005watercolor
Napoleon House Server 2009watercolor
Nikki with a Head Scarf 2010acrylic and mixed media
Oakland - Gray Monument (Niobi) 2006watercolor
Oakland - Ivy Garland and Bell Tower Ridge 2006watercolor
Oakland Cemetery - Belltower 2006watercolor
Oakland Cemetery - Belltower 2 2006watercolor
Oakland Cemetery - Blackmon Monument 2006watercolor
Oakland Cemetery - Bronze Urn 2006watercolor
Oakland Cemetery - Butterfly Garden 2006watercolor
Oakland Cemetery - Cox Monument 2006watercolor
Oakland Cemetery - Female Statue 2006watercolor
Oakland Cemetery - Grant Mausoleum from a Distance 2006watercolor
Oakland Cemetery - Leaning Tombstone 2006watercolor
Oakland Cemetery - Lion of Atlanta #3 2006watercolor
Oakland Cemetery - Lion of Atlanta #4 2006watercolor
Oakland Cemetery - Lion of Atlanta (Version 2) 2006watercolor
Oakland Cemetery - Out in the Rain Fountain 2006watercolor
Oakland Cemetery - Rawson Mausoleum 2006watercolor
Oakland Cemetery - Rawson Mausoleum (back view) 2006watercolor
Oakland Cemetery - Seltzer Monument 2006watercolor
Oakland Cemetery - Statue 2 2006watercolor
Oakland Cemetery Gates 2006watercolor
Oakland Female Statue II 2010acrylic and mixed media
Oakland Statue 2010acrylic and mixed media
Oakland Statue 3 2006watercolor
On the Bench in Little 5 Points 2007watercolor
Peachtree and Alabama 2007watercolor
Peggy 2005watercolor
Pink Indian at the Funeral 2008watercolor
Purse Vendor 2007watercolor
Red and Teal 2010acrylic
Red Feather Hat 2008watercolor
Red Hawk Hunter at the Funeral 2008watercolor
Red Head 2005watercolor
Red Head #4 2005wash drawing
Red Scarf in Profile 2010watercolor
Red Skeleton 2006watercolor
Redhead (David) 2006watercolor and pencil
Reveler 2009watercolor
Revelers 2010watercolor
Samantha at the A & P 2007watercolor
Sandtraps at the Plantation Course - Reynolds Plantation 2006watercolor
Seascape with Cliffs 2004watercolor
Setzer Monument - Oakland Cemetery 2010oil
Smoking Waiter 2010watercolor
Stephanie Looking to the Left 2006watercolor
Stephanie Reclining with Turban 2006watercolor and pencil
Stephanie with Dark Red Dress 2006watercolor
Stephanie with Hat 2004watercolor
Study for Three Guys After the Funeral 2008watercolor
Sunglasses 2009watercolor
Sunset at Reynolds 2006watercolor
Sushi Chef 2008watercolor
Sushi Chefs 2008watercolor
Sushi Chefs 2008watercolor
Taking a Break at the Varsity 2007watercolor
Tattoo Ballerina 2007watercolor
Tattoo Ballerina II 2007watercolor
Taurus the Balloon Sculptor 2008watercolor
Three Fates 2007watercolor
Two on Bourbon Street 2007watercolor
Varsity Carhop 2007watercolor
Varsity Carhop II 2007watercolor
Vertical Landsape 2004watercolor
Water Workers 2008watercolor
Whac-A-Mole 2007watercolor
White Dress 2007watercolor
White Hat at the Funeral 2008watercolor
White Hat II 2010oil
Woman in a Black Dress 2005watercolor
Young Indian 2008watercolor
Zulu in Purple 2009watercolor